Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear FTW Ride,

Northeast Oklahoma has some great roads. I don't know if the it's casino money that keeps the roads in such nice condition or just the lack of traffic out in these sticks, but all of the back roads are in great shape.

Start at south "Grand Lake O' The Cherokees". This is 1 of 2 man made lakes in Oklahoma that have been okayed for development by the Corps of Engineers. This is THE spot to be every weekend in summer, there is plenty of camping and lodging at reasonable rates along with plenty of bars and restaurants along its 1,200 miles of shoreline. Did i mention plenty of girls in bikinis?

Once in "Langley", take 82 South to a town called Spavinaw (home of baseball great Mickey Mantle). Once in Spavinaw take 20 South also known as the Mickey Mantle Highway over the hills and through the woods to "Salina". Once at Salina, take 20 East (AKA School RD.) This road follows a river through some "locals-only" type towns and into the backside of the Spavinaw Hills State Game Refuge. Peel off School Rd. by making a left on N4510 Rd. then right on D04080 Rd after only a mile or so. The next turn, 10 miles away, is a right on D0460 Rd. Several miles later you'll need to make a left on to D4528 Rd. Next turn is left on D4530 which will dump you out on Hwy 20, you'll want to make a left and head west back to Spavinaw and on to Hwy 82 to Grand Lake where you'll find lodging and groceries.

Feel free to take any road that looks interesting along the route. They all dump out somewhere and they're guaranteed fun.

Short clip of the the beginning of Mickey Mantle Hwy:

PS. Bring your fishing pole!

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